Monday, February 18, 2013

Asus U56E Broken DC Jack

This Asus U56E laptop came in with reports of the classic dc jack problem symptoms.  The user can hold the tip of the power cord in just the right way to get the laptop to power on and charge the battery.
It's a pretty new notebook and uses the same power plug as the popular Asus U52F, K53, A53, X54 and a host of others with the same power issues.
You need to take apart the entire laptop to gain access to the motherboard where the jack is soldered on.  This is not an easy job from start to finish so I would highly suggest having a professional who has worked on this model or many Asus laptops to tackle the job.  We perform this service for $65 parts and labor at
Once torn down to the motherboard the back of the center pin has a hair line crack in it.  This explains why you need to hold it just right to make that connection (you can barely see this in the picture).
It uses a five pin, 2.5mm jack that many Asus notebooks use.
DC Jack broken on the back of the center pin.
Once the dc in connection is replaced it works like new again!