Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hp ZE4900 dc jack replacement

The hp ze4900 isn't common laptop I see like the ZE4400, ZE4500, ZE4600, and others. The only difference is the Ze4900 uses a 1.65mm jack vs. the 2.5mm and stronger jack the others use.
This Ze4900 had a physically broken jack with the center pin missing. They are fairly easy to take apart and de-solder. The ZE4900 had much better traces than the ZE4400 and others which makes it easier to de-solder.
After replacing the jack the laptop can power up and charge again.

hp pavilion dv9000 power jack repair

The DV9000 laptops are pretty similar the DV6000 and dv2000 laptops that also have power jack probelms.
This DV9000 came in with a bent up dc jack and almost looked burnt. I didn't even try plugging it in due to that and didn't want to fry anything or ruin my ac adapter.
The dv9000 uses a dc jack that is soldered onto a small circuit board that plugs into the motherboard via cable.
You can also buy the small circuit board with the dc jack and fix it that way.
After installing the new dc jack the laptop is working great again.

Sony Vaio PCG-7H1L

This sony 7H1L came in like lots of sony laptops I see with the physically broken dc jack. The 71HL laptops use a cable dc jack that plugs into the motherboard. I buy a dc jack and de-solder the old broken jack off the cable and solder a new one on for this model.
This laptops dc jack had two little wires sticking out of the middle of the jack due to the plastic breaking. You can usually hold the ac adapter plug in just the right way to get the laptop to power on.
Installing a new dc jack is a success and the laptop powers up and charges the battery.

Toshiba L305D

This Toshiba L305D came in like some of the L355D laptops I've been seeing lately. The dc jack is pushed back inside the laptop and the power plug can't be used.
When getting the laptop apart I can see the dc jack is a cable style dc jack that plugs into the motherboard vs. being soldered to the motherboard.
A piece of plastic has broken on the dc jack and it can't slide into the plastic pieces attached to the base of the laptop. Sometimes these plastic pieces that hold the dc jack into place also break and need to be glued.
After putting a new jack in it properly fits and the laptop works great.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Acer Aspire 4720Z DC Input Repair

This Acer aspire 4720z came in with the power jack rattling around inside the laptop. The 4720z uses one of the two common and frail acer dc jacks. About half of the Acer laptops that come on have the physically broken jacks due to the fact they use a frail 1.65mm center pin.
When the laptop was opened up the customer had attempted to add some solder but didn't do any real damage.
After putting a new jack on the laptop powers up and charges the battery again.