Saturday, March 29, 2008

Acer 3680 DC Power Jack Repair

This Acer 3680 came in with the center pin hanging down and very loose. When it was all torn down the center pin had been completely pushed off the back of the jack and was making any contact with the motherboard.
This five pin dc jack is the same jack the hp zt3000 and many other Acer models use. The dc jack center pin is 1.65mm.
De-soldering the dc jack and re-soldering a new one on did the trick. The laptop powers up with no problem and is charging the battery again.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Emachines M6805 DC Power Jack Repair

The emachines 6805 is pretty much the same thing as the gateway 7000 series laptops but with the emachines logo.
This 6805 came in with the classic positioning of the ac adapter plug to get it to charge/power on.
When it was all torn down the voltage pin on the dc plug had broken up and wasn't making proper contact with the board.
Replacing the dc jack fix all the battery charging problems.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dell Inspiron 700M DC Power Jack Repair

The dell 700M uses the same nine pin dc jack as the popular Inspiron 6000, 1150, 5150, 9200, 9300 as well as the 1505, 1705, and Latitude D Series laptops.
I see all the above laptops mentioned with the dc jack problem.
This 700M can in with the dc jack already broken off the motherboard.
Soldering a new dc jack on fixed the problem.