Thursday, October 30, 2008

Asus W3000

This laptop came in with a physically broken dc jack. It was bent to the left and when torn down was halfway off the circuit board.
The dc jack is attached to a small circuit board that plugs into the motherboard.
It uses the same five prong, 2.5mm dc jack that many Averatec laptops use. The chassis of the laptop is very similar to some Averatec models I've worked on.
The dc jack was replaced and the laptop powers on with no problems.

Toshiba M35X

The Toshiba M35X has come through the shop many times over the years for dc jack repair. It uses the same problematic dc jack as the A75, hp zv5000, and ZD7000 which are all common models with the power plug issues.
This M35x had the dc jack broken off inside the laptop (See pic 1) and the older solder would need to be de-soldered.
After installing the new dc jack we make sure to apply plenty of solder to help this from ever happening again.