Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Asus G73S/J/SW/JW DC Power Jack Repair

I keep seeing more and more of the Asus G53/73 series laptops in for jack repair. The two most common symptoms are a loose connection where you plug in the power cord. I can hold the tip of the ac adapter at just the angle to get the notebook to charge and power on. The other symptom is the missing center pin from the power plug itself. If your Asus laptop has any of these symptoms we can replace the power jack for $65 parts and labor.
The laptop needs to be completely taken apart to access the dc jack and is soldered on by six points on this 2.5mm input. It's soldered directly to the main board so the proper tools and skills are needed for this repair.
Once we replaced the loose connection the laptop powers on and charges like new again.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dell Inspiron N5110 DC Power Jack Repair

The Dell Inspiron N5110 is much like the N5010 and M5010 laptops. The difference is the N5110 has a Core i7 cpu and much higher voltage demands. They both use the same 7 pin, circular barrel power plug dell and hp use.
The N5110 notebook needs to be completely taken apart to access the dc jack. It's also soldered directly to the motherboard so proper soldering skills and tools will be needed.
In most N series power jack failures I see the circular barrel of the plug break and or fall out of the laptop. What's left is the shiny copper pieces that when plugged in feels very loose when it should be very snug.
We do the jack replacement for our standard $65 parts and labor rate. Once the input connection is fixed the laptop powers on properly again.