Sunday, September 30, 2007

Outsource your DC Jack Repairs to Pomeroy Computing!

Would your computer business be interested in offering professional laptop repair services to your customers? We hear of so many companies turning away work when they could be making money. You don’t need techs on staff. You can outsource the laptop repairs to us with quick turnaround times! All work is performed by a certified laptop technician with experience, and talent. You only pay for each repair and your company can benefit from no employee down time.

We offer all types of laptop repairs including dc jack replacement, data recovery, lcd/screen replacement, inverters, keyboards, hinges, motherboards, and any other laptop repairs you can think of. We do this for many companies, both large and small, from around the country. We offer competitive pricing which helps you pass along a great value to your customers.

To get your business started in a laptop repair outsourcing partnership, call or email Steve Pomeroy ( at Pomeroy Computing in Eden Prairie, MN at 952-224-6624.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Laptop Repair from Pomeroy Computing

Pomeroy Computing ( was started in January of 2007. We specialize in laptop repair (DC Power Jack, Screens, Inverters, Data Recovery, Upgrades, and more). This blog is to provide some level of support and knowledge about what we do.

The most common repair we do is the DC Jack Repair. This is when your dc power plug comes loose or breaks of the motherboard. Sometimes you can wiggle it to make the proper connection to the board to keep getting power. However, this can damage the board and will eventually stop working.

If you experience this problem you need to take it to a laptop professional. Lots of people can fix your desktop but these kind of repairs take lots of skill and experience. We do about 75-100 of these repairs monthly and are the largest dc jack repair specialists in Minnesota and the Twin Cities area.

We do this repair for a flat $65 that includes parts and labor. If you need to ship the laptop add an additional $20 for return shipping. Usually our turnaround time is 1-3 business days. We also outsource to many local and national computer repair shops. Keeping the price at $65 makes this repair affordable for businesses and individuals.

Now that I've explained the basics to this repair go to for individual brand and other DC Jack Repair information.
I'll be adding more information about dc jack repairs soon!