Thursday, February 28, 2008

Compaq 2200 Series DC Jack Repair

The 2200 Compaq laptops are the updated version of the 2100 laptops. They improve cooling by using Celeron M processors instead of a hot Athlon XP.
The 2200 uses a 1.65mm, five pin dc jack. On this 2200 the voltage pin's heat had broken up the solder and wasn't making proper contact with the board.
Simply replacing the dc jack fixes that problem and is a lot better than the factory compaq solder job.

Acer 4010 Series DC Jack Repair

This acer came in with the classic symptom of being able to wiggle the ac adapter to make it charge. The voltage pin simply isn't making proper contact with the motherboard and needs to be replaced for longevity.
The 4000 Acer laptops are very similar the 3000 series I frequently work on. They use the popular 1.65mm, six pin dc jack that the hp zt3000 and compaq X1000 laptops use.
The dc jack was replaced and the laptop now powers on and charges with no problem.

HP NX6110 DC Jack Repair

I keep seeing the NX6110 hp laptops come on with broken center pins. This business hp laptop was no different.
They are relatively simple to get apart and require a hex style screwdriver to get apart.
The dc jack is a rare seven pin jack that I've only used on these hp business laptops.
You need to be very careful when desoldering the dc jack because you can easily damage the board when trying to get it off. Just be patient and make sure all the solder is gone before you attempt to take it out.
When the dc jack was replaced the laptop powered on and charged fine again.

Averatec 2100 Series DC Jack Repair

The Averatec 2100 is an updated version of the 3200 series of laptops. They feature a 12.1" wide screen and Turion 64 cpu vs. the older standard screen and Athlon XP line of processors.
This laptop came in with no dc jack. Someone had attempted to remove the dc jack and do the repair themselves.
I de-soldered the left over solder but one of the traces was damaged. Thankfully the solder took and the laptop charges and powers on after the repair.
The 2100 uses a five pin, 2.5mm dc jack.