Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remvong a CPU form a laptop heatsink

When taking a laptop apart you will most likely get to the point of removing the cpu.
Most of the time you simply unscrew the heatsink and or fan and the cpu is removable.
Sometimes when you remove the heatsink the cpu is still stuck to the heatsink.
As shown in the pictures taking a small flathead screwdriver and insert under a corner of the cpu and lift up.
Don't give it a lot of force because you could damage the cpu.

Monday, November 10, 2008

ZV5000 ticking problem

Yet another ZV5000 on my bench with dc jack problems. Unlike most others when you wiggle or position the ac adapter you can hear a "ticking" noise coming from the dc jack area.
If the laptop will stay powered on for at least 20-30 seconds a dc jack repair will most likely fix the problem.
This ZV5000 would power on for a split second then shut off no matter what angle I held the adapter plug.
When the laptop was fully disassembled I noticed an "epoxy like" substance that some use to hold the dc jack in place and try to prevent the dc jack problem from happening again. The problem with this is you cover vital circuitry that also goes into powering a laptop.
After the jack was replaced the laptop was doing the same thing after the repair. I believe putting epoxy like substances on the motherboard is what caused the failure.

hp dv4000 DC Jack Repair

This hp dv4000 came in with no signs of life. I couldn't wiggle or position the ac adapter plug in any way to get it to charge or power on.
It uses a less common five pin, 1.65mm dc jack.
When the laptop was completely taken apart I could see a separation where the voltage pin meets the motherboard. This would explain why I couldn't get it to power on using the wiggle trick.
After de-soldering and re-soldering a new dc jack on the motherboard the laptop powered on with no problems.