Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Asus X53U Broken DC Jack

This Asus X53U came in with a physically broken power plug.  The notebook also had some cosmetic damage due to the fall near the jack area.  It uses a cable style dc jack that plugs directly into the motherboard.  The chassis on this model is very similar to the Acer 5740 and gateway NV53a laptops that are also notorious for needed a dc jack repair.
The X53U needs to be completely taken apart to the motherboard level to access the dc jack.  Once replaced the laptop charges the battery and powers on properly.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

HP NX 7400 DC Power Jack Repair

HP NX7400 DC Jack Repair
This HP NX7400 came in with a physically broken power plug.  The circular barrel was completely missing and needs replacement.  This is a not an easy solder job and I would highly recommend going with a professional that has worked on this model and is familiar with what it needs soldering wise.
It uses a seven pin jack that many dell laptops (N5010, E5510) use.  The location of the jack makes it difficult to de-solder and doesn't have much room for error.
After the replacement the notebook charges the battery and powers on again.

Sony Vaio VGN-CS118E DC Power Jack Repair

SONY VGN-CS118E DC Jack Repair
This sony VGN-CS118E laptop came in with a broken power plug.  On most Sony notebooks the small plastic circular barrel is missing and the two ground wires are exposed.  This means the dc jack will need to be replaced. 
The CS118E needs to be almost completely taken apart to access the dc jack.  It uses a cable style connection with a dc jack soldered on the end.  We just de-solder the old broken tip and re-use the cable.  This is a very effective way to do it and let's us repair the jack for $65 instead of $85+.
If soldering isn't an option you could replace the entire cable style jack.  Once the jack is replaced the laptop is working like new again!