Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Asus Zenbook UX31A UX32A with Broken DC Jacks

I've been seeing a lot of the Asus Zenbook laptops with broken charging ports.  They are very nice sleek powerful notebooks but the power plug is pretty frail.  The pin you're plugging into is very small and can break if any major tension occurs on the ac adapter cord.
The UX31A and UX32A are ones I can replace the dc jack on for my standard $69 parts and labor rate at  I completely take them apart, de-solder the broken jack and re-solder a new connection on to fix the power connection problem.  They use a seven pin jack that is soldered directly to the main board.
I've included some media below to demonstrate the repair I perform on the zenbooks.  I've also been working on the UX21E, UX31E, UX32VD and more.