Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dell Inspiron 1545 DC Power Jack Repair

The dell inspiron 1545 (Inspiron 15 or i1545-004st) is dells entry level laptop. Great price points for the student or budget user. At the time of this writing dell specs out a $399 system with 2.2GHz Celeron, 2GB ram, 250gb hard drive, and 15.6” HD LCD. Add double the ram, hard drive, and faster Pentium dual core cpu for $619.

Due to the attractive price and features this is a laptop I see more often in our shop for dc power jack repair. Some of the main symptoms are people tripping over the cord or dropping the laptop which causes physical damage to the dc jack.

So far I’ve seen a single style of standard nine pin, octagon shaped dell dc jack from Foxconn. This is different than the circular barrel other dells are using including the 1525 Inspirons that are commonly in for dc plug repair.

The best part of this laptops design is that the dc jack is located on a separate circuit board that attaches to the motherboard. If the laptop is dropped and the circuit board is ruined the entire motherboard doesn’t need to be replaced which helps keep costs down.

The cost for a dell inspiron 1545 dc jack repair is $85 which includes parts, labor, and return shipping. If the separate circuit board needs to be replaced due to damage the cost is an additional $75 on top of the $85.


How do I know if my dell 1545 needs a dc jack repair?

The dc jack is damaged or connection feels loose. Sometimes holding the tip of the ac adapter in just the right way will get it to power on.

Will I lose the data on my hard drive?

No. The laptop should still work on battery power if it’s charged and Windows most likely won’t be corrupted.

Do you fix or replace the dc jack?

Every laptop that comes into our shop gets a new dc jack installed.

Do I need to send the power cord with the laptop?

Yes. We need to test the power cord you’ll be using with the laptop.

Does the repair come with a warranty?

All dc jack repairs come with a standard one year labor warranty.